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Food and Drink From Cape Verde

A mix of African and Portuguese cultures has had a large impact on the food of Cape Verde. Many different ingredients are used in the preparation of dishes resulting in very delicious tastes. As well as very traditional food, there are also many restaurants across Cape Verde who specialize in international dishes.

Cape Verde has a huge variety of fresh fish and seafood, tuna fish is readily available and is the most consumed by the local Capeverdeans. These are the other main types of seafood available on Cape Verde, lobster, squid, rock barnacle and many other kinds of shellfish.

Cachupa is a great national dish and is the most famous dish from Cape Verde. Cachupa is made from corn, a selection of meats, variety of beans, vegetables like sweet potatoes, manioc, cabbage, squash, and different types of sausages. Cachupa is also often made with fresh tuna.

Drinking tea’s are very popular in Cape Verde and are usually accompanied by pastries like cuscus or corn paddies. These are eaten with different locally made fruit jams which are usually papaya, red currant, coconut.

For an alcoholic drink the locally produced Grog which is a strong alcoholic drink which is made from sugar cane. There are also many fruit liquors which are all locally produced.

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Cape Verde Facts

Capital - Praia
Official Language - Portuguese
Area - 4,033km²
Population - 507,000
Currency - Cape Verdean Escudu
Time zone - GMT-1
Calling code - +238

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