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The Islands of Cape Verde

Santo Antão - Santo Antão or Sontonton in the Crioulo is the second largest island of the Cape Verde Archipelago and is the westernmost and largest of the Barlavento islands of Cape Verde.....More Here

São Vicente - São Vicente or Sanvicente in Crioulo, is one of the Barlavento islands of the Cape Verde. São Vicente is located between the islands of Santo Antão and São Nicolau......More Here

São Nicolau
- São Nicolau, meaning Saint Nicholas in Portuguese is one of the Barlavento islands of Cape Verde. São Nicolau is located between the major islands of Sal and São Vicente. São Nicolau is......More Here

- Sal, meaning Salt in Portuguese is one of the Barlavento islands of Cape Verde. Sal is 30 km long by 12 km wide. Sal is a sandy and plane eastern island, just like Boa Vista and Maio......More Here

Boa Vista
- Boa Vista meaning good view in Portuguese is a desert island in the Barlaventos islands of Cape Verde and is the most eastern of all the islands. Boa Vista’s main industry was agriculture......More Here

Maio - Maio is the most east of all the Sotavento islands of Cape Verde and is as flat as Sal and Boa vista. Maio is found south of the Boa Vista and east of Santiago. For a long time Maio’s main......More Here

Santiago - Santiago meaning Saint James in Portuguese, or spelt Santiagu in the local language, is the largest of all Cape Verde islands. Santiago is the largest agricultural centre of all the Cape Verde islands and is home to half of Cape Verde’s population.

Fogo - Fogo meaning fire in Portuguese is a volcanic island in the Sotavento group of Cape Verde. Fogo stands out the most from the group, rising to almost 3,000 m (10,000 ft) above sea level at Mount Fogo. A very violent eruption took place in 1680.

Cape Verde Map

Cape Verde Map
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Cape Verde Facts

Capital - Praia
Official Language - Portuguese
Area - 4,033km²
Population - 507,000
Currency - Cape Verdean Escudu
Time zone - GMT-1
Calling code - +238

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