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Cape Verde Money

There are a number of ways that you can purchase things in Cape Verde with cash being the most hassle free but credit cards are becoming more and more widespread.

Below are a list of ways to purchase in Cape Verde

Cash > Cape Verde Escudo (CVE) $ and the euro € is accepted in some parts.

Credit cards are becoming much more easier to use in Cape Verde with many top hotels providing the use of them and banks can accept them. Mastercard and Visa are currently accepted. There are a number of ATM machines on the islands which can be found in the major banks however on occasions the ATM's can be out of order.

Exchange rates

These exchange rates where current at time of webpage upload. Exchange rates may vary in Cape Verde when exchanging currency.

£1 = 162$
$1 = 92$
€1 = 110$

This is a 200 escudo note
Cape Verde Currency

Cape Verde Map
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Cape Verde Facts

Capital - Praia
Official Language - Portuguese
Area - 4,033km²
Population - 507,000
Currency - Cape Verdean Escudu
Time zone - GMT-1
Calling code - +238

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